Sunday, October 4, 2009


I'm excited that October is finally here. One month from today Alexis will be home!!! We just got through watching the last session of conference this afternoon and it was really good. I love when things are said just at the right time. I really enjoyed the talks on the importance of a mission and it made me think about Alexis and how she is over in England serving the Lord. I also thought back to my mission and what a rough and rewarding time it was all at the same time.

I liked the talks about hearts and what frame of mind our heart is in. Definitely something I can work on. I liked the comparison about the heart transplant and how we need to constantly be working on the attitude of our hearts.

I also liked the talk about being gospel neutral. I know that the talk was directed to parents, but I think that it applies to everyone. I was just thinking about that this past week. Sometimes I feel like I need to be more proactive with showing people what the gospel is all about.
Conference this weekend was a special experience for me. It'll be nice to receive the Ensign with all the talks next month to review. :)