Sunday, February 27, 2011


This week has been super busy, as I'm sure everyone's lives are busy. 2 more weeks left!!! It's really weird to finally be wrapping everything up. I'm way excited!
On President's Day, we went hiking near our house. This time, I had John with me, so it went much smoother with the two dogs.
Here is our self portrait...
Another pic of us...
John and I have been taking a hunter safety class over the past couple of weeks and had to take our test. The test was held in Superior AZ at the fire station. I have never been in a fire station before. It was pretty neat. I took a picture of the bathroom. It is so cool to me that they they live there for certain days out of the week.
We took the test with our good friends the Zapponti's. Here is their son Jace. The whole class was full of kids from age 10-14. John and I were the oldest students in there ( If I didn't pass the test (which was quite possible at this point) I would have felt pretty silly.
Here is the remainder of the crew after we all passed the test. John and I tied with a 96%...we were a little worried about me because I kept not passing all of the practice exams online. It's most likely because I have had a lot going on and tend to do better on actual tests rather than practice tests.
Here is Jessica and myself. She is one of the Laurels in our ward. She passed her test a couple of years ago...and came for support. :)
So...we passed the test on Wednesday and then had to go back Saturday morning for the field test. The field test is to make sure you know how to handle a gun properly and practice safety.
We had to cross a fence properly when handling a gun (there are rules for this) and we did a simulated hunt. It was really cute to see the young boys in our class get really excited about tracking an animal. I kept forgetting that I was in the class. John and I were the only ones in our class to cross a fence properly as a pair. We did the demonstration (I am laughing while I'm writing this). I love my John, He is too cute!
Here we are on the way to field day...
Here are Jace and Josie. They passed as well. They are twins. It's fun having them in Mutual.
And here I am with my certificate of hunter safety achievement. If you look closely, they added a M for my middle initial. Not really sure why. hunter safety was a fun experience and I'm glad that I know more about safety. I think that every person who wants to handle should take the class. Very informative!

Saturday, February 19, 2011


Here is the week in a nutshell...
The countdown continues...3 more weeks to go!!!
Monday was Valentine's Day! Lots of fun being showered by John. This year I received Tulips. They were really pretty. A different gift for me, is that he is going to plant some rose bushes in our front yard. For his Valentine's Day gift...he received some new binoculars.
Some of my flowers in the front are top heavy and tipping over. We cut them and here they are!
Tuesday was mutual and I found out that I'm going to Girls Camp!!! I think I may have been more excited than some of the girls!
I finally broke down and purchased a planner for my busy life. It's a Steven Covey Planner! It's the planner of all planners. John purchased one in January and loves his. I already feel more organized by writing things down. I think it's adorable and it fits perfectly in my purse!
Today, John went hunting with one of his buddies, and I had the day to myself. I decided to take the dogs on a hike up to Silly Mountain (even though it looked like it was going to pour). We had a lot of fun! I'm not sure what got into me. I'm generally ok with taking one dog on a hike. Two was a little crazy.
Here was the only pic I got of them. It was so windy and when we got close to the top, it started raining, which is to be expected because it rained most of the day in Phoenix.
Here I am. Not the greatest pic, but I got a new hat this week. I think it's fun!

Sunday, February 13, 2011



Happy Birthday Jessica!!!

Jessca's Birthday (my BFF at work) is tomorrow. How fun is that? She's a VDB (Valentine's Day Baby). She celebrated on Friday and Saturday night. We met up with some of her friends on Friday night and ate out on Mill. I have not been down Mill Avenue in a long time. It was fun!
Here is a picture of us (please excuse my double
Here is a pic of John and I.

Four more weeks/Dogs have a new bed

Four more weeks and I'll be finished! I just received my grade back from my last class and scored 100%! I don't think this has ever happened. Nice way to end a wonderful Sunday!
John and I bought the dogs a new bed this past week. They love it!
Here they are sharing...
Jack takes over...
They finally end up together!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Hilary's Wedding Shower!!!

Today was Hilary Holt's wedding shower. We have been close friends ever since I moved up to Phoenix. It was so good to see her and her family. What great people...and great cooks!!! The food was fantastic. Hilary received a lot of neat things. We are so happy for Hilary!!!
Here are some of the gifts that she received...
Here is a picture of us together!

Getting Closer...

5 more weeks left and then I'll be a free woman!!! I'll be happy to be able to relax with John on Thursday nights. I have been in class every Thursday night for the past 2 years!
I was taking a walk with a girlfriend from work and we saw caution tape up. We went to go check it out and the sidewalk had partially turned to ice. What is with the weather this week? It's a bit chilly...but I like it!
Here is a close up. They put salt down. We found it entertaining...because we're in AZ!