Saturday, March 15, 2008


John, Charles, and I went camping at Lake Roosevelt this week. We didn't stay as long as planned, but it was still fun. John really enjoys most of the trip was dedicated to fishing. Guess who caught the only fish of the week?...Becky did! It was quite exciting. The fish was a bass. Charles had a very fun time. He's never really seen birds ever and had fun just staring at them. We also got him to go in the water a little bit. He would only get in about halfway. It was really cute. We had a fun trip and are glad to be home.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Gotta Love Dogs

John and I were down for a quick visit to Tucson and we brought our son, aka puppy, Charles with us. He had loads of fun with his friends Skye and Gabby. Gabby and Charles hit it off from the beginning. Skye and Charles had a little bit of a harder time getting along. Skye is used to being the center of attention and wasn't used to sharing it with anyone. By the end of our trip though...they were getting along just great. Grandma Shipley, aka Robin, also gave Charles a little going away present. It was a beef stick and Charles loves it. Thanks Grandma! As you can all see, Charles is feeling much better since his broken arm. We are taking him to the lake this weekend for fun!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I Love Pink

I was sitting at work today, and was thinking about random things. And the color pink came to my mind. Pink just makes me happy. Any shade. Here's a list of the Pink things I enjoy:
1. Pink perfume from Victoria's Secret
2. Pink lotion from the Gap
3. My hot pink heels from Kristen's wedding
4. My favorite light pink button down shirt
5. The Sugar Bowl in Scottsdale (the whole ice cream shop is decorated in pink)
6. The Gecko Grill (also a very pink restaurant)
7. Pink Flamingos-my favorite animal
8. Pink Roses
9. My pink lifting gloves that I use at the gym
10. My hot pink i pod
I've had kind of a random week and it was nice to think of pink things that make me happy. Maybe it's color therapy or something. What is your favorite color?