Sunday, March 27, 2011

YW Broadcast

Last night was the YW's broadcast. It was really good. I haven't been to a Young Women's broadcast since I was actually in YW about 11 years ago (Yikes!). This year we have been studying the 13th Article of faith. All of the speakers tied the article of faith into their talks. It was also about being prepared and worthy to go into the Temple as well as building and maintaining a testimony. Here are some of the take aways that were highlighted for me personally:
*The definition of Benevolent is to wish someone well
*Be true to yourself and do not judge or criticize others with their actions
*Be virtuous, as this is required to be Temple worthy
*Surround yourself with uplifting and virtuous friends
*Have goals and constantly re-evaluate them
(Here is a pic we took of the Snowflake Temple last week when we were visiting with family)

Then Elder Eyring spoke and here were his remarks:
*"Come follow me" is the Saviors invitation to everyone
*Have a living testimony of Christ and the Gospel-do not rely on a previous testimony for the future (a testimony is every growing and changing and needs constant nourishment)
*Look forward to the future and stop living in the past
(Here is a cool pic of the moon from last week when the moon was huge)
I have had a super long week and hearing the talks during the broadcast helped me to put my perspective in check and more aligned with what I know to be true. Conference with be fantastic next week. :)

Jack Turns 2

Yesterday was Jacks Birthday (actually we received an email from our vet reminding us it was his Birthday). Apparently in human years, Jack is now legal. He just reached the ripe old age of 21. Happy Birthday big boy! Charles, John and I love you.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


This past weekend, we went to Safford AZ to visit Johns Uncle. It was a really fun day trip for us. We went fishing in his pond. We both were able to catch some fish. Fishing is definitely more enjoyable when you are catching fish!!!
Here is John with one that he caught...
Here I am with a fish. I was freaking out becuase I have never actually touched a fish before. After John took the photo, I flung it back in the water.
Then we went and saw the Gila Valley Temple. It's really pretty. It's cool how many Temples they are building in AZ. We are excited about the Gilbert Temple coming our way soon.
What a great day. :)

Hilarys Wedding

Hilary got married last weekend. Her wedding beautiful and the reception was a blast!
Here is a pic of the happy couple! John did the photography. I forgot how involved doing wedding photography is. Good thing she was a gorgeous bride. :)
Here is a picture of us.


I'm officially a Master!!!
Here is what the girls at work did to celebrate.

Sunday, March 6, 2011


We went to Cabela's last night. I haven't been there in forever. John's jeep was broken into a couple of weeks ago and they took off with a lot of his hunting tools. We needed to replace some of the items. My dad tagged along for the ride. They have so many fun things at Cabela's. We found a fun moose where we all took a turn sitting with. Here is my dad. He got candied walnuts. The were so delish!
Here is John with the moose...
Here I am with the moose...
We were looking at camo hiding tents...
Where is John?
Where is Dad?
John finally found what he was looking for. He ended up getting a backpack, some binoculars, and knives.
Then...we met up with Scott and his new girlfriend at 5 Guys. I haven't been there since my cousin Daniel went through the Temple.
They have automated soda machines. They were the coolest ever!

Little Larry Paints Our Guest Room

I love my dad. He is too cute. This weekend, my mom was visiting Nick, Kristen, and Elle, so my dad decided to come up here and help with a painting project. He forgot extra clothes for painting, so we went to the Goodwill to find something inexpensive for him. Lo and behold...we found some these basketball shorts.
I was wondering around the store and my dad motioned to come see him...and here was the sight. He is hilarious! After the Goodwill, we went to Filiberto's for a breakfast burrito. He had never been there before.
Here he is painting the room...
He had fun writing on the walls...
Here is the end product.
Here is a pic of the dresser that was painted. Once everything is hung up on the walls, I take some more pictures.
We are so glad that we had my dad come up and spend time with us. :)


I went to 2 spring training baseball games this week. Once with my work and then again the next day with John and his work. The weather was incredible and the games were fun too!
Here are my 2 girlfriends from work Adriana and Jessica. We were all part of the big glasses club!
Here we are standing in front of the field.
Here is the next day (yes I am wearing the same outfit). Here we are in our lawn seats. We had the best Navajo Tacos for lunch with lemonade.
Here we are in front of the field.

One More...

One more week to go!!!